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Basis Charter School Gymnasium Sports Flooring Installation

Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply is no stranger to installing and maintaining sports flooring in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding communities.

From the Central High School Bobcats in Phoenix, AZ to Aspire Fitness in Chandler and the Victorium Sports Complex in Scottsdale, Basis Charter School in Goodyear has also placed their trust in us to install their gymnasium flooring professionally.

Basis Charter School is a tuition-free charter school located in Goodyear, AZ. The school opened in 2015, and Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply was chosen to install the maple hardwood flooring in their gym before the opening.

After careful preparation, we installed an Action Cush I System. Action Floor Systems can be found everywhere in the world, with the exception being Antarctica. Established in 1988, Action Floor Systems, Inc. offers both permanent sports flooring systems as well as portable.

From new construction to renovation for commercial, industrial and institutional applications, Action Floor Systems meets and often exceeds rigorous performance requirements.

Action Cush I Hardwood Flooring

Action Cush, I flooring system features a double-layered sheathing for stability with an option to specify hardwood premium sheathing.

The gymnasium floor for Basis Charter Schools consists of 3/8” Cush I pads, 2 layers ½” CDX and 25/32” x 2 ¼” Maple.

The double-layered sheathing not only looks great, it provides excellent ball response while virtually eliminating dead spots.

Basketball Courts have come a long way

Did you know that the first basketball court was half the size of the now standard 94 foot NBA court?

Although a lot has changed over time in regards to basketball, the one constant that has remained is the maple hardwood flooring. From around the mid-1800s, maple flooring was chosen for basketball courts due to its plentiful supply and cost. A bonus was that it was both stable and durable.

To date, maple hardwood flooring offers a consistent playing surface and its shock resistance which lessens fatigue on player’s knees and ankles.

Sports flooring trends

Sports flooring certainly has evolved over the years as they are now painted with transparent paint to achieve a satin-like appearance.

According to our very own, Jimmy Waters of Arizona Hardwood Flooring “One of the biggest things we’re seeing more and more of in sports floors is the usage of transparent paint to achieve a stain-like appearance,” He goes on to state that “People are really wanting to see the wood show through the paint in lieu of a solid color surface.” This is especially popular in the graphics and the solid painted areas like borders and solid keys.

Another style change that we’ve seen was on a racquetball court that we installed. We mounted Purple Heart and Ebony in the lines instead of just painting in the red and black lines. Overall, this approach enhances the aesthetics of the floor, and it makes long-term maintenance more manageable.

From NBA courts to K-12 schools, Universities and Personal Home Gyms, sports flooring continues to be the choice when performance and durability matter.

To learn more about sports flooring for your facility, contact the hardwood flooring specialists at Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply at (623)742-9663. We always welcome a visit at one of our convenient locations.