Basketball Court Flooring - Nine Shades of Purple

Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply is Arizona’s gymnasium and sports floor expert. With over 30 years of experience specializing in basketball courts, racquetball courts, or any type of gymnasium floor you can think of! We specialize in providing quality materials, installing, maintaining, and refinishing gymnasium floors. Almost every basketball court is made from Maple. It's durable, stable, and easily sourced. It has been a standard for basketball courts since the 1800’s. Fortunately for us our commercial division is M.F.M.A .certified! M.F.M.A. stands for the Maple Flooring Manufacturing Association. They set the standards for manufacturing, installing and maintaining maple flooring used in gymnasium type flooring systems.
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For this particular project we were chosen to refinish and paint the now Division One Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona. The home of the Antelopes! It's amazing how large the school has grown over the past 20 years! This school has invested over 1 billion dollars in itself since 2009. Their on-campus student population has grown from only 1,000 students in 2009 to over 19,000 students in 2017. Their non-traditional students (online students) also have grown exponentially going from 22,000 to over 60,000 students currently. Grand Canyon University has men’s and women’s basketball teams as well as volleyball, track and field, swimming and diving, soccer, golf, cross country, softball, tennis, baseball and beach volleyball. They became a NCAA Division 1 University in 2013.
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After this much growth someone decided it was time to Refinish the basketball court. The first thing we needed to do was sand all the maple hardwood flooring down to raw wood. This will remove all the existing paint and finish and will create a clean slate so we can add the new design to the hardwood floor. Grand Canyon's official school colors are purple, black, and white. What made this project so interesting for us is the school actually wanted 9 different shades of purple to accent different areas throughout the court! Our commercial division actually had to experiment to get the tones just right for approval. See the photos below or view video of this project on our Instagram here.

9 Shades of Purple

9 Shades of Purple on the Court

To protect the paint and the hardwood from use we applied the Bona DTS sealer and finished the floor with Bona Super Sport HD finish. Bona pretty much sets the standard for gymnasium finish and sports floors. Bona has been our choice for gymnasium finishes for over 20 years!
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Grand Canyon University Basketball Court Refinish

Grand Canyon University Antelopes Basketball Court

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Grand Canyon University Center Court
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