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Protecting Your Hardwood Floors

by Arizona Hardwood Floor & Supply • March 25, 2022

So, you have finally taken the plunge and your new hardwood floor is finally installed! You have researched for weeks, you visited showrooms, you checked out samples, colorized everything to coordinate and look fabulous together. Now, how do you protect your investment to make sure you get the most out of your hardwood floor? You ask?
Beautiful Hardwood Floor
Here are few steps you can take to make sure you get the most out of your hardwood floor!
  1. Follow the manufactures cleaning instructions! Hardwood flooring manufactures all use different types of finishes on their hardwood floors. Weather it be a urethane finish, a lacquer or an oil finish, using the correct type of cleaner that is appropriate for the finish on your hardwood floor will ensure that you maintain your warranty and ensure that your floors are being cared for properly.

    See our hardwood cleaning instructions.
  2. Put felt pads on all of your furniture, especially bar stools, dining room chairs, sofa and love seats. Felt pads will protect your hardwood floors form being scratched or showing ware marks where the furniture slides. Here is a felt pad we recommend.
  3. Using the correct mats under area rugs will help protect your hardwood floors and keep your rug from sliding. For large rugs the best mats are 100% felt but smaller rugs mats may not have enough weight to hold the rug in place so a felt / natural rubber pad is recommended for smaller rugs. Memory foam rug mats, although a bit more expensive are also a great option to protect your hardwood floor. Here are links to hardwood floor safe rug mats that we recommend.

    Felt and Rubber by RUGPADUSA

    Memory Foam Rug Pad by RUGPADUSA
  4. Replacing hard plastic wheels on office chairs with non-marking casters will help protect your floor in home office spaces.  A non-marking caster is not hard and will not gouge your hardwood floor like the wheels that usually come on office chairs. Here are some non-marking casters we recommend.

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