Sports Flooring in Gilbert, Peoria, Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ

Athletic floors are under demanding pressure on a consistent basis and are prone to wear and tear if they are not installed properly or are made of subpar materials. If you are looking for sports flooring in Gilbert, Peoria, Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, then you must find a flooring company with many years of experience successfully installing sport court flooring.

At Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply, we install and refurbish athletic sports flooring for a variety of clients. Our sports flooring solutions are perfect for many indoor sporting and activity areas, including basketball courts, racquetball courts, personal home gyms, and multipurpose athletic facilities.

Working with Action Floor Systems, our wood sports floors are PUR and DIN performance tested and certified, ensuring you will receive the best-crafted floor in the greater Phoenix area. Contact our sports flooring team today to learn more about our technical expertise, uncompromising quality and strong sports flooring craftsmanship. We promise to answer all of your questions and provide you with an overview of our many wood flooring installation services.

Victorium Sports Complex

Hardwood Sports Flooring Installation

Many schools and athletic facilities ignore the connection between sports flooring and the health and safety of athletes. A poorly made gym floor can significantly restrict an athlete’s movement and fail to protect him or her from injury. If you are looking to install or refurbish your hardwood sports flooring, then you should look for a substantial supplier of sport flooring systems near Phoenix, AZ.

At Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply, we are honored to have installed many athletic floors that include but are not limited to the following.

While many wood flooring companies do not specialize in sports flooring, our team knows what they are doing. We excel in installing and refurbishing sport court flooring and will make every attempt to provide you with the best customer service possible. Contact us today to receive a free quote from one of our experienced and professional estimators.

Grand Canyon University

Basketball Court Flooring

Are you building an athletic facility and looking for high-quality basketball court flooring? Or are you looking to refurbish the indoor basketball court flooring at your high school gymnasium? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then you must speak with our team of basketball court installers near Phoenix, AZ.

At Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply, we have over 30 years of experience installing basketball court flooring. We offer a variety of flooring options that will suit the needs of your particular facility and level of competition. We will show you our hardwood floor product lines and help you select a basketball hardwood floor that is easy to maintain and has the right performance characteristics.

If your basketball court will be used for other sporting or non-sporting events, then we can help you find the best gym floor option. Give us a call today to discuss your basketball court flooring project. You can also stop by one of our convenient Valley locations if you would like to speak with us in person.

Grand Canyon University Basketball Flooring Project

Basketball Court Flooring Cost

At Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply, we are always happy to discuss the pricing of our basketball flooring services. Our basketball court installers know how to deliver a finished product that exceeds your expectations and stays within the limits of your budget.

However, it is impossible for us to say exactly how much your basketball hardwood floor will cost without knowing the specific details of your project. Our pricing will depend on the size of the basketball court you want to build and your choice of hardwood flooring. You should schedule an initial appointment with us as soon as possible so we can provide you with an accurate financial assessment.

Hardwood Gym Flooring

Have you searched online for the best hardwood gym flooring in the marketplace? If so, then you have probably found thousands of different companies that claim to offer the best possible flooring for a gym. However, many of these flooring companies have never actually installed a hardwood gym floor.

At Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply, we have helped design and install hardwood gym flooring for a variety of commercial clients and residential clients. We are the leading choice for schools and universities across Arizona and can guarantee your satisfaction with our finished product.

Our gym floor contractors will successfully guide you throughout the entire design and installation process. We even offer reclaimed wood flooring for customers that are environmentally conscious or want their gym floor to have a unique look. For more information about the gymnasium flooring options we offer, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our Phoenix flooring company takes pride in offering customer service skills that are unmatched in our industry.

Wood Gym Flooring Cost

The average price for wood gym flooring will depend on several factors, including the size of your flooring and the type of wood flooring you select. However, our team will work with you to deliver a finished product that suits your needs and is within your specified budget. The prices we offer are competitive within our industry and have consistently impressed our clients for the past 30 years.

At Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply, we promise to give you a friendly and upfront pricing assessment during your initial consultation. We will never overcharge you or hand you a surprise billing. That goes against our promise to always appreciate your business and give you the best possible service. Give us a call today to receive an honest and fair pricing estimate for your wood gym flooring.

Aspire Fitness

Evolution of the Basketball Court

The game of basketball was invented by a Massachusetts professor, Dr. Naismith in December of 1891. He was instructed to create an indoor sports game because it was too cold for his gym students to play outdoor sports. With two peach baskets in hand, he was inspired to create the game of basketball.

Many of the rules Dr. Naismith wrote are still in use today. However, the basketball court has evolved over the years. In fact, the first court was half the size of the now-standard 94 foot NBA court and did not have the official lines or markings we see today.

Sports Flooring Trends

Sports flooring has evolved many times over the years. They are now painted with transparent paint to achieve a stain-like appearance. According to Jimmy Waters of Arizona Hardwood Flooring, “One of the biggest things we are seeing more and more of in sports floors is the usage of transparent paint to achieve a stain-like appearance.” He goes on to say that “People are really wanting to see the wood show through the paint in lieu of a solid color surface.” You can see this trend with the use of graphics and solid painted areas like borders and solid keys.

We also spotted a sports flooring trend on a racquetball court we installed. We mounted Purple Heart and ebony in the lines instead of just painting in the red and black lines. Overall, this approach enhances the aesthetics of the floor and makes long-term maintenance easier.

Sports Flooring Installers Near Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply is a full-service wood flooring company that offers sports flooring design and installation services. With over 30 years of hard-earned experience, our dedication to quality and outstanding workmanship can be seen in many home gyms and athletic facilities statewide.

To learn more about our sports flooring company, contact us today at (623) 742-9663 (WOOD) to speak to one of our friendly estimators. We also invite you to visit us at one of our three Valley locations. Call today to feel the love and receive the support from our experienced and dedicated wood flooring specialists.

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