Franklin Police & Fire High School Courtyard Logo

Franklin Police & Fire High School in Phoenix Arizona contacted Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply to add some color to their concrete courtyard. Although our specialty is hardwood flooring, sports flooring, and installation, our team of professionals rose to the occasion. 
Franklin Police & Fire High School offers a rigorous, physical, and academic college-prep high school for those preparing for careers in Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and EMS. Although training for law enforcement and firefighting, the students are restricted from shooting weapons and fighting live fires.

Concrete Painting

Franklin Police & Fire High School staff wanted something different to fill in some color on their concrete located in the courtyard that leads to the front office. They contacted us to see if we could paint their logo directly onto the concrete.

Prepping the concrete
They provided their logo which is Thunderbird / Phoenix that consists of three colors, fire red, Police blue and white. The logo is 15’ tall body with a 45’ wingspan.

Paint is designed to Bond for Many Years to Come

We utilized a paint designed to bond to just about anything, and the best part is it will last for many years with virtually no maintenance needed.

Applying the stencil

Paint Application

Before we could apply the paint, we needed to prep the area. We scrubbed the concrete with a cleaner and power washed it off and then let it dry for 24 hours.
  • Applied the first graphic stencil and painted 
  • Let it cure overnight
  • Applied the second graphic stencil and painted
  • Let it cure overnight
  • Applied the final graphic stencil and painted
Red paint applied
Once the paint for the entire logo was applied, we let it cure for a full 48 hours. After it cured full use of the courtyard was restored.

Making progress

Expert In-House Installers

Even though this may seem like an odd marriage, Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply and concrete, we have years of experience applying moisture seals on concrete floors before installing hardwood flooring
With over 30 years of experience, we are proud to say that we have achieved the highest A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
Our hats off to our team of professional installers!

Completed Logo
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