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Handscraped Maple Floor Refinished to Match Tile

Dated Hand-scraped Maple floor gets overhaul to match tile!
Is your hardwood floor dated looking? The wrong color for your new décor?
On this hardwood floor refinishing project we had a Phoenix homeowner with a dated looking, hand-scraped Maple floor who wanted to update it with new earth tones to match their recently installed tile.

Handscraped Maple Floor Before Refinishing
We first discussed the pros and cons of sanding a hand-scraped floor like this, with so much texture, there are some refinishing challenges and risks involved with this type of hardwood floor. When the floor was first purchased you paid extra to get the handscraping and when we sand the floor it will take that texture away creating a smoother floor that may not be perfectly even. Does your floor have enough wear-layer so we can sand it smooth? Luckily this floor did.
The homeowner was more than willing to accept the potential risk and chose a multi stain process to coordinate colors with the tile floor she had just installed in an adjoining room.

Hardwood Floor Refinished to Match Tile
The first thing we have to do on a refinishing project like this is to cut the aluminum oxide finish from the existing floor. For those not familiar with aluminum oxide it's a very hard and durable finish, great for a long wearing floor, but generally eats up lots of extra sandpaper when we refinish it.

Sanding a Maple Hardwood Floor
Once the aluminum oxide is sanded off we then need to smooth the floor with higher grit papers and eventually a pass or two with our power driver to smooth everything out. Next we need to remove all of the dust from the floor created by the sanding process. One of the secrets to a great finish is making sure the floor is completely clean before a finish is applied. Once all the dust was tacked from the floor it's now ready for the first touch of color.
On the first pass we used Bona ebony to get a black underlying tone. We then gently sand the floor again to remove some of the black so other subsequent colors would have room to absorb. Then we add the final color and the finish. 

Refinished Handscraped Maple Floor
The result? A beautiful like new floor with a gorgeous finish. The homeowner was very happy with the outcome of the project. 
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