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Memorial Union engineered wood flooring installation with a twist

Memorial Union (MU) at Arizona State University is a popular place to hang out during class breaks. Considered the “Living room” of the campus Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply had the pleasure of installing engineered hardwood flooring to enhance the comfortable environment.
Unlike many flooring installations that we have encountered this particular setup was unique in its own right. We installed the flooring by intertwining two different wood flooring widths. Utilizing Owens 5/8” x 2 ¼” and 3” and Maple unfinished engineered flooring the result was a fresh, modern feel to enhance the comfortable lounging space. To complete the installation, we applied a natural sealer with a finish of Bona Mega Satin HD.
With the large volume of traffic that MU receives from its students every day, the engineered hardwood flooring will expand and contract less than solid hardwood flooring, and the flooring will provide a great deal of durability for years to come.

MSU stair case

Engineered hardwood flooring advantages

  • Expansion and contraction doesn’t occur to the same extent of solid hardwood which makes it extremely durable
  • Durable, resistant to scratches and dents and performs well in high-traffic areas and harsh Tempe heat
  • Eco-friendly as it helps conserve our forests. For every 1 square foot of 3/4" thick solid wood flooring manufactured you can produce four times that amount into engineered flooring
  • Higher resistance to moisture and heat than solid hardwood 
  • Average installation cost is 50% less than solid hardwood
  • Over time it can be sanded and refinished saving time and money
MU engineered hardwood flooring

At Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply we have over 30 years of custom and engineered wood flooring installation. We service all types of wood flooring for residential and commercial construction and renovation projects throughout the Valley. Our dedication to quality and outstanding workmanship can be seen in homes, schools, museums, office buildings and restaurants statewide.
  • Dedicated to quality and outstanding proficiency
  • We carry a wide selection of quality name-brands of engineered wood flooring
  • We don’t use subcontracted laborers because we are committed to providing professional, high-quality artistry at the most affordable price
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