Random Width Plank Project in the West Valley Turns out Fantastic!

A couple ventured into our Phoenix showroom to look into updating their loft and staircase area with hardwood flooring. The clients described the staircase as curved and enclosed with stone on one side and drywall on the other side.

The staircase and loft area had been carpeted. We talked about the materials we offer to cover staircases. We discussed engineered hardwood flooring, but the couple was used to solid hardwood flooring and wanted to find a solid plank floor that would work with their style of décor.

Chelsea Plank is sourced from Local Sawyers

We immediately showed our Chelsea Plank Flooring line. Chelsea Planking is made in Chelsea, Michigan, USA.
Chelsea sources from local sawyers in their area and mill an extensive line of prefinished, solid domestic hardwoods that are cut into random width patterns of 3“, 4”, 5” or 3”, 4”,6” and 4”, 5”, 6” depending on the series or what is available with the size of logs they are cutting. How cool is that!
The mill adjusts the saws to get the best yield and have the least waste. They produce their traditional Chelsea Plank Flooring Collection and their more rustic Restoration Series.  Everything they produce is from responsibly milled northern grown domestic species of trees.
Luckily for us, the clients were immediately drawn to the hickory species.

Spiral Staircase with Chelsea Plank Flooring
Literally, every sample they chose was a different variation of hickory. Mostly in the medium tones. 
They narrowed the selection down to 3 different color variations of hickory and decided to take the sample home to see what looked best. They returned the following day and said these are not rustic enough and wanted more character and a more grey tone.
They fixed right on the Cumberland Gap Plank that had wire brushing texture and some quarter-sized open knots. They ran this sample home and called immediately to have us come out and estimate the project.

Installation Obstacles

When we measured the job, we discussed some of the obstacles we run into with projects like this. The first being after removing the carpet, we found the builders had put large oversized nosings under it, we had to cut and remove them so the wood stair-nosings would lay flat on top of the riser. 
When we cut these bulky nosings off, it can leave a hole behind the nosing in the wall that may need patched and some paint after the installation. We like to let our customers know the good as well as the bad things that can occur during the flooring installation. They mentioned that they have a handyman and a painter that could do these touch-ups. 
They accepted our proposal, so we placed the order for their material. Chelsea usually takes us about two weeks to get to our warehouse.

Acclimating Hardwood Flooring

After the material landed, our trucks and drivers delivered the Cumberland Gap Hickory planks to the Peoria Arizona home so the floor could acclimate.
Acclimation, in short, allows the wood to get used to its new environment. For this process, we want your air conditioning on just as if you are living in the home so the wood can adjust its moisture content that is proper for our area.
Zeljko was hand-selected for the installation by our Installation Manager. Zeljko has been with our company for over 15 years, is very clean, and pays close attention to detail.
He did a fantastic job on this staircase and loft, and the clients are delighted with the final results. So delighted that we are installing the neighbor’s house next month based on their praise.
To learn more about our loft & staircase installation or more about Chelsea Plank Flooring, contact the hardwood flooring professionals at Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply or call (623) 742-9663.