Refurbished Water Damaged Maple Sports Flooring

Benjamin Franklin Charter School in Queen Creek, AZ contacted Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply to repair their maple sports flooring due to water damage.
Benjamin Franklin Charter School is one of Arizona’s first charter schools. A charter school is a public school that receives its operating authorization and funding. The funding comes from the State Board of Education, the State Board for Charter Schools, or any school district that chooses to charter a school under the charter school law passed in 1994.

Sports Flooring Inspection

Upon inspection, we found that we needed to repair a few for the floorboards due to water damage. The damaged flooring was at two of the exterior doors.
Once we completed the inspection, we sanded the wood flooring down to the bare wood. After the wood was exposed, we completed another visual inspection of the floor to make sure that there were no other damage or defects within the sport maple flooring.

Bona Sport® Seal

With the final inspection complete, we continued sanding to a smooth grit, edge the perimeter, screened, vacuumed, and cleaned the floor. We then applied two coats of Bona Sport® Seal. Bona Sport Seal is an oil-modified sealer for newly sanded sport and all-purpose floors.
Founded in 1919, Bona® is a family-owned company headquartered in Sweden; however, they are now present in more than 70 different countries all over the world. Known for their innovative, sustainable solutions for every hardwood flooring challenge their focus is on the needs and safety of their customers and the environment.

One Manufacturer, 100% Guarantee

After the sealer had cured, which usually takes 24 hours, we prepped the floor for the striping and graphics. The paint we used is also part of the Bona sports flooring system.
Unlike other companies, Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply uses only one Manufacturers products for both the seal and finish coats. By utilizes a single manufacturers products we can provide our clients with a 100% guarantee and full warranty because we know that the manufacturer will stand behind their products. Some flooring companies will use one manufacturer for the seal coat and another company for their paints and finishes effectively voiding the warranty.
At Arizona Hardwood Flooring, our team of custom wood flooring installation and refinishing professionals always delivers premier service to our customers.
Last but not least we painted the basketball and volleyball lines and added the graphics. After letting the paint cure, we applied the final two coats of finish making the floor ready for action.
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