Water damaged hardwood floor didn’t stand a chance with us!

In the first week of January in 2018 Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply received phone call from Mr. R. He explained that the house that he purchased had moisture damage on the hardwood floor in the dining room. The next day we met with Mr. R. at his house to check out the damage to the floor.

Hidden moisture damage
Once I arrived and inspected the damage it was clear to me that it was worst case of moisture damage that I have seen. The damage was caused by an area rug with a rubber bottom. To make the situation even worse, the existing hardwood flooring was discontinued.

Moisture damage

Thinking outside the box

In order to remedy the situation we were only left with a couple of options. We could remove and replace the whole floor. The other option was to come up with a way to salvage what was left of the existing flooring and replace the damaged area keeping in mind that it would need to complement the existing hardwood flooring.

With a limited budget, our only real option was to remove damage floor and install new flooring in the dining room, however, our next hurdle was to come up with flooring that was comparable with the existing including the size and style, and color.

Removing damage hardwood flooring

Mr. R. made a trip to our Peoria, AZ store and he selected several different colors. A couple of days later, we were in his house again talking about options and details of the new floor.

Once everything was set, we placed an order for material and set a date for installation. After just a day of hard work job was completed and the floor turned out magnificent!

Hardwood flooring replacement

  • Turlington Red Oak 3”x 3/8 inlay
  • Turlington Cherry 5” x 3/8 border
  • In addition to replacing the hardwood flooring, we also replaced the old quarter round trim
Hardwood floor inlay

Hardwood flooring specialists

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