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Allwood Hardwood Flooring

Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply has featured Allwood Group’s engineered hardwood flooring products for over 15 years. Allwood’s engineered hardwood flooring is tried-and-true and works fantastic in the Arizona desert. Allwood Features an extensive line of engineered and solid hardwood flooring products. They have a 5” collection of engineered hardwood flooring with various textures and finishes. A beautiful 7” collection that features natural and smokey tones!

We believe that Allwood has a hardwood floor that will fit in any home!

Allwood Flooring InstallationHere are some other reasons we love the Allwood Group
Allwood is dedicated to caring! The Allwood Group's promise is simple: they care about the products they make, the people they work with and the planet we all share! 
Because Allwood cares they focus on developing products that are responsibly produced, precision-crafted and sustainably made from 100% real wood or bamboo. Not only do they want to be good stewards of Natural Resources they want to strive to be conscious of what we are leaving behind as well as providing the only flooring product that comes from and returns back to the Earth. That's why Allwood will never use printed laminates, plastics or unnatural materials. Even their displays are handmade in house and very well designed with little to no waste!

Builders prefer to work with Allwood products because they are made to exact quality standards. Designers appreciate the selection and relevant colors and styles and homeowners love that Allwood floors continue looking great even years after installation!

Allwood products are CARB2 Compliant

The California air resources board Phase 2 (CARB2) Is a certification process by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) with an aim to reduce formaldehyde emissions and protect the public from Airborne Toxic contaminants. Gaining the CARB2 compliance seal indicates the product has formaldehyde levels well within the CARB2 limits considered safe.  Allwood ensures all of their products either meet or exceed environmentally conscious standards and make the choice to have their products all CARB2 certified! Once again sticking to their values, Allwood cares!

Here are some Allwood projects we have done over the years!

Allwood Champagne Oak Hardwood Floor in Living Room

Allwood Champagne Oak

Where can I see Allwood floors in Arizona? Visit one of our Phoenix, Gilbert or Scottsdale locations to see Allwood floors down on the ground or check out samples and take them home to see them next to your cabinets and paint.

Learn more about Allwood Here https://allwoodgrp.com.

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