Floor Anchor Premium Urethane Adhesive for hardwood flooring. Non-slump Green Grab Formula $115 per 5Gal. Bucket  Learn more here.

Floor Anchor Premium Urethane Adhesive

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Floor Anchor is a superior one component moisture curing urethane adhesive. Floor Anchor offers good wet/green grab, superior non-slump capability and excellent shrink resistance allowing consistent contact between the wood flooring and substrate. Floor Anchor has high strength bond properties and superior elasticity.


Typical Uses

Floor Anchor can be used over both concrete and wood substrate to install finished wood surfaces, including solid hardwood planks, laminate hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring and parquet flooring.

Physical Properties

Color               Light Brown
Open Time      (70° F, 45% RH) 50 Minutes
Tack Onset      (70° F, 45% RH) 30 Minutes
Shelf Life         12 months for unopened containers stored in ambient conditions.

Cautions and Limitations

Floor Anchor is not a moisture barrier by itself. If moisture levels in the substrate exceeds recommended levels, contact Technical Support for further instructions.  Do not use on wet, frozen, friable, or contaminated surfaces.  Do not add water or stir the adhesive.  Floor Anchor was formulated for professional use.

$115 Per 5 Gallon bucket
Floor Anchor Premium Urethane Adhesive
Floor Anchor Instructions

Floor Anchor Safety Data Sheet Download (.pdf)